Appendix B - Development Fees
Development fees for late filing of an application or starting construction without a
permit will result in the doubling of fees charged.


Dwellings or other Structures (excluding                  $150.00
Accessory Buildings)

Additions to a Dwelling or Structure                         $40.00

Accessory Buildings                                                  $40.00

Demolition                                                                  $40.00

Moving / Change of Use                                             $40.00

Decks, pools & fences                                               $40.00

Special Permit Use                                                    $200.00


Lot Subdivision                                                            $100.00/Lot

Lot Consolidation                                                        $100.00/Lot

Change of Use                                                             $100.00/Lot

Subdivision Agreement                                              $200.00 plus applicable
                                                                                        Provincial Registry Fees

Development Agreement                                           $200.00 plus applicable
                                                                                        Provincial Registry Fees

Official Plan and/or Zoning Bylaw

Official Plan/Zoning Amendment                                 $200.00 plus cost

By-law Amendment                                                      $200.00 plus cost

Variance (with public meeting Process)                     $200.00 plus cost

Comprehensive Development Plan                              $200.00 plus cost

Change of use                                                            Cost of permit for new use

Temporary Buildings, structures and signage         $100.00

Seasonal Permit                                                        $100.00

Signage                                                                      $100.00

Any other types not specified                                   $100.00


1. All fees are subject to HST.
2. All fees are subject to associated costs which may include public meeting
costs such as all advertising, printing and consulting/legal fees. Council
shall have the final decision in determining the total fee for the applicable
3. The Authority Having Jurisdiction may issue an approved Development
Permit upon receipt of the appropriate fee(s).
4. All fees are non-refundable.
5. All fees are doubled for an application after the fact.
6. All fees are subject to associated costs to repair any damage to streets,
sidewalks, signs, infrastructure, etc.